MIM-A is the result of the sum of the efforts by Mariona Benedito and Martí Sanz in the professional field of architecture and landscape. MIM-A aims to participate on the contemporary practice to achieve interesting production and at the same time to satisfy the needs regarding the surrounding, the reality and the users. MIM-A moves in this difficult equilibrium.

MIM-A understands each project as an opportunity to extract the best of the given circumstances but at the same time, transversally, is interested in all the projects that are built with systems and relations that articulate the whole and the parts or particularities at the same time, that are built with rigourous and coherent constructive strategies and that adopt mesures that respect the environment, active or passively.

MIM-A understands architecture as an open practice and collaborates with other architectural offices as well as with members of other disciplines in order to achieve new challenges and broaden knowledge. In the same sense, MIM-A’s members also participate in teaching and research on architecture in several Universities and workshops.

Like the mim, the production by MIM-Arquitectes intends to be understood without the need of words and trusts on the capacity of architecture to be shared.